Your iPhone is Keeping Track of You


Many iPhone users say they wouldn’t be able to keep track of their lives without their iPhone, but users should know their handheld helper is keeping track of them.  It’s not a paranoid scheme, there is proof the iPhone is a bit like big brother watching your moves.

Researchers discovered these files hidden with the cell phone.  Apple has been quiet about this finding, only saying they are using the data to check the quality of their coverage.  That said, no one ever knew the company was collecting this data.  Now Apple says they’re looking into it and may make changes to newer versions of their phones.  But should you be worried?  Learn more at CNET News.

How do you feel about this?  Will it stop you from using your iPhone?  Let us know.

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  1. free fax says:

    I think having an iphone can be a good, and a bad thing… it can be put in good use because of its tools and apps but because of the tracking issue, that can be a bad problem…

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