What to Look for When Hiring an Accountant

Entrepreneur | Mark J. Kohler

How To Find a Tax Pro Who Will Find the Maximum Savings For Your Business.

For some small-business owners, it's crucial to have someone who can provide proper accounting advice during every stage of your venture — from startup to succession planning. But choosing right certified public accountant can be a challenging task. You want to find someone who communicates well, helps you strategize and maximize your business's finances, is affordable and is willing to adjust to your risk tolerance within reason.

As a CPA and attorney who has worked with thousands of clients, I know that many business owners — either out of self-confidence or apathy and disappointment with the accounting profession — have chosen to forego hiring a CPA and used some type of software or online service to prepare their tax returns themselves. However, I strongly encourage you to at least have a CPA review your tax return if you prepare it yourself, and have a semi-annual planning session to make sure you aren't missing out on tax advice that could save you bundles — or an unpleasant visit with the Internal Revenue Service.

Regardless of how often you choose to see your CPA, having a good one can be priceless. But how can you find the right CPA for your business?

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