The Uncommon Cure for Time Management Issues

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People who have a lot to accomplish feel that they don't have time to accomplish everything so end up not accomplishing much. People who don't have a lot to accomplish don't have to worry much about time but won't accomplish much anyway.


If you are reading this or other similar articles, I assume that you are in the first category — you have too many things to accomplish and you think you have too little time.


As it has been told many times, you can't manage time (everyone has only 24 hours) — you can only manage yourselves. If you believe in that and start working on your discipline, a lot of progress can be made. For me, this part is the obvious part. The only real resource that you have control over is you — manage it well and you can "sort of" manage time.


Lack of time is a really a manifestation of a bigger problem — lack of leverage in your life. So my proposal is this: Amp up your leverage and you solve your time management problem.


Leverage is anything for which you get a disproportionally high positive return on investment. If all else is equal between two professionals, the person with a higher leverage always wins — and he or she wins with far less effort than the other person.


So, if you work on increasing your leverage you automatically get a cure for your time management problem.



Here are three ways you can increase your leverage starting tomorrow:


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