Is Google+ Better for Atlanta Small Business?

Is Google+, a new social networking platform from the industry giant – really something that Atlanta small business owners should have in their tool box to better connect with their customers and prospects?

And how does Google+ compare with social media leaders Facebook and Twitter?

TastyPlacement, a search engine marketing firm recently did a study called "Testing Social Signals in Search" to answer this question.  The results?  Google+ comes out the winner: with "+1" 's from Google+ followers doing more for your online social status that either Facebook or Twitter.

To see a colorful infographic explaining the results click here.

Those Atlanta small business owners unfamiliar with Google+ can view this short overview from Google:

Google+: There's more to explore

Are you incorporating Google+ into your social media marketing plans?

We'd love to hear from Atlanta small business owners and marketing executives for our follow-up story.

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