A Hands-On Look at Google’s Chromebook Pixel

Google’s Chromebook Pixel is the latest version of the popular Chromebook laptops.  This premium edition, manufactured by Google, comes with a much higher price tag and Apple MacBook ambitions.

Could Google’s Chromebook Pixel be a viable option for Atlanta businesses owners on the go?

Hands-on with Google’s Chromebook Pixel

Stephen Shankland goes hands-on with Google’s first touch-screen laptop, the Chromebook Pixel.

Google’s Chromebook Pixel Elevates Chrome OS Ambitions

The browser-based Chrome OS now has a high-end home: a refined $1299 laptop with a high-resolution touch screen. It paves the way for Chrome OS tablets, too. Read this article by Stephen Shankland on CNET News.

Hands On With Google’s Chromebook Pixel

For many, Google’s new Chromebook Pixel will be summed up in just four words: “A Chromebook. For $1,299.” If anything, I’m probably biased in favor of Google’s small constellation of Chrome devices: I’ve played with virtually all of them…

Here’s Who Needs a Chromebook Pixel

The tech pundit jury has apparently reached a solemn, sober verdict on the Chromebook Pixel laptop Google launched Thursday. And the verdict is … “Oh my God, look at the sticker price!” (Tech pundits faint with shock.)

So what do you think?  Are Atlanta business owners likely to purchase the Google Chromebook Pixel as their next laptop purchase?  What do you think of the features, the quality, the price?  We’d love to hear from you.


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