Five Branding Mistakes that Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Washington Post | Anthony Pappas

As any small business owner knows – running a successful business is a juggling act.  Theres hiring, firing, supervising, negotiating, creating, innovating, and last but not least, Marketing.  

Marketing Expert  and small business owner Anthony Pappas tells of his extensive experience with world-famous brands – and gives five branding mistakes that small business owners should never commit.  Here is the first one:

"#1 – Mimic the success of others: Consumers value individuality, and having a strong point of view will help start-ups elevate their brand. Consider Apple: While their competitors were defining themselves as tech companies, Apple positioned itself as a lifestyle. By building a brand centered around products with a focus on sleek design, simplicity and individuality, they built a following that valued their vision and brand essence."

Pappas provides four more crippling branding mistakes that should be always be avoided, so if you're an Atlanta small business owner we recommend that you review these and same some troubles and headaches down the road.

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  1. Curtman40 says:

    When you start your business you should create your own lane, it is ok to have a guide in place but try to create your own niche this will help you to solidfy your position in the market place.

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