Coca Cola Freestyle Machines: An Atlanta Hit for Five Guys Burgers

Atlanta based beverage giant Coca Cola have announced plans to introduce their unique Freestyle drink vending machines to Five Guys Burgers locations across the country after the fast food chain successfully trialled the machines in a select number of their Atlanta based restaurants throughout 2010 and 2011.

The Coca Cola Freestyle vending machines allow customers to choose from one of the 100+ flavor options Coca Cola offer and mix and match them to create their own unique beverage. You can see just how the machine works in this video from one of its’ creators:

Coca Cola Freestyle is far more complex than the video indicates and in fact it is something of a technological marvel. Its’ “PurePour” features were originally created and developed for the medical field so that extremely precise amounts of dialysis and cancer drugs could be created.

From a business marketing point of view even more impressive perhaps is the business data that each dispenser sends to Coca Cola’s Atlanta headquarters. These clever machines are able to provide the company with data about beverage consumption, peak times purchase times, details of beverage choices at each sale and how popular it is in its location compared to its compadres in other locations. In turn Coke executives and line managers can also” talk back” to the machine, letting it know if, for instance, a certain flavor had been discontinued or recalled and orders the machine to stop dispensing it immediately.

Have you tried one of these Coca Cola Freestyle machines? What would be your dream flavor combination if you could? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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